Did I Go Higher, or Just Across?


Scriptober Days 5 & 6 Prompts: Transcend and Shift

I have an intense distaste for religion…in all its forms
A pre-designed moral framework for those who cannot, for whatever reason, create their own
Religion is at its best a compass which guides us in caring for one another
It is, at its worst, a manual which lets us know who it is acceptable to harm and exclude
In my life, I have encountered it almost entirely at its worst
It seems that a lot of people think that they have transcended religion
But they have only shifted their pantheon
Tarot readers replace priests
And people convince themselves that the message that pours from the new mouth is different
I am excluded
For wanting to unravel the net instead of dyeing it a different color
Not all homes are physical
I dismantled mine but am constantly left without new building materials
Ones that I deem sufficiently stable
I am homeless in the realm of the existential
I remember that Diogenes didn’t have many friends
Valued only in post-mortem hindsight
I’d like to think that I am brave enough to not mind this
But I am not always so sure
This is more a ponderance than a poem
Yet I am not entirely convinced that theorizing is not itself an artistic process


Poetics & Noticings

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