Ashley-Devon Williamston

Category: Poetics & Noticings

  • Tomato

    Scriptober Day 15: Tomato Tomatoes Are poisonous Like the beat of the drums of the people who thrive in the same lands And the sway of their hips Toxic Sinful And irresistibly acidic

  • Omen

    Scriptober Day 14 Prompt: Omen Why would humanity opt to assign a face to death Perhaps it is because we all secretly crave to gaze upon it Ashamed to admit it still, we select only the most fleeting visages To be glimpsed at just the right time for only a moment The thrill of it […]

  • Should

    Scriptober Day 13: Should The lingering note at the intersection of possibility and obligation It is jarring The conditional imperative Has loosened many a tight bond For many have used water where steel was really needed

  • Courage

    Scriptober Day 12: Courage I got out of bed today I showered I ate food I went to work Not in that order, but I did them nonetheless Little victories: everywhere Trophy case: empty

  • Verdigris

    Scriptober Day 11 Prompt: Verdigris My eyes have not gazed upon Lady Liberty herself But they have witnessed those who, like her, exist to persist Draped in speckled greenish-blue cloaks They stand proud and with unflinching dignity, guard the treasures within Today I learned that Lady Liberty is mostly hollow inside This makes sense, for […]

  • Wind

    Scriptober Day 10 Prompt: Wind The atmosphere wraps its tendrils around you And thrusts you forward ever so slightly You laugh and delight in the “game” For you have seen too many children’s movies They taught that air is a friend, not a god You know not to fear it But you will learn soon

  • Generational Trauma

    Scriptober Day 9: Generational Trauma **This is a repost from a painting I did at the start of 2019, but I think it’s my best work on the theme yet**  

  • Pretend

    Scriptober Day 8 Prompt: Pretend Nothing is “fake” Only temporarily performed Allow me to delight in this act For I am not foolish enough to think it permanent The curtain will be closing soon And I don’t want to miss out  

  • Nail

    Scriptober Day 7 Prompt: Nail Some hills A filled with the sound of sweet music These Are filled with shouts of anguish A soundtrack that plays over my daily deaths I am a martyr Of causes for which righteousness has yet to be determined Still, I continue to sacrifice myself for the alleged Good Praying […]

  • Recycled Love

    Scriptober Day 4 Prompt: Recycled Love   The sum of all potential endearments and dotings Tossed aside by one who thought it useless It will be soon born again Different…more fragile, but still useable It is extendable For now Not forever