Scriptober Day 7 Prompt: Nail Some hills A filled with the sound of sweet music These Are filled with shouts of anguish A soundtrack that plays over my daily deaths I am a martyr Of causes for which righteousness has yet to be determined Still, I continue to sacrifice myself for the alleged Good Praying... Continue Reading →

Did I Go Higher, or Just Over?

Scriptober Days 5 & 6 Prompts: Transcend and Shift I have an intense distaste for all its forms A pre-designed moral framework for those who cannot, for whatever reason, create their own Religion is at its best a compass which guides us in caring for one another It is, at its worst, a manual... Continue Reading →

Recycled Love

Scriptober Day 4 Prompt: Recycled Love   The sum of all potential endearments and dotings Tossed aside by one who thought it useless It will be soon born again Different...more fragile, but still useable It is extendable For now Not forever


  Scriptober Day 2 Prompt: Tongue Barbs protrude And sweep across my skin I flinch But for nothing My internal messengers do not relay news of pain Only odd prickling To use a weapon as a tool for affection is a most refined act of love  

“N” is for Nostalgia

The ghost of pleasant pasts She lives in old books and rainy mornings She always enters softly, unannounced Most often through my nostrils But sometimes other orifices To steer the ship of my mind Returning me to moments I have lived through at least once When I arrive, I always find a treasure trove Of... Continue Reading →

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